The Barn – The Dining Loft

Since our barn was built traditionally-into a hill-the Dining Loft is technically the third floor of the barn, but most would consider it the second floor as it is easily accessed by ascending a gentle slope. The Dining Loft, the Barn’s original Hay Loft,  is where most of our couples set up their dining. Hand crafted wooden farm tables with matching padded chairs adorn this large space with original hand-hewn beams and globe lights softly shining overhead. The Dining Loft also overlooks the second floor, providing a great vantage point on the party below.
This one-of-a-kind space provides ample seating for more than 200 guests with room to place buffet stations and a full bar. Each couple can arrange the Loft to their liking-the possibilities are endless and can really only be imagined in person!