Grace makes Beauty…

View More: and Nathan came to Maple Shade Farm looking for something unique. They wanted to bring family and friends to a different kind of wedding venue. We were just putting the pond in and there was a big pile of dirt on the flat so when they booked after the tour we knew they had vision. That vision was rewarded with several updates for their June 27th wedding.

Our friends from CMS Internet Solutions in Bovina had been urging us to build farm tables…Trista and Nathan wanted farm tables…so we built them ourselves really personalizing the MSF look. Trista & Nathan and all our other couples for 2015 were thrilled with the outcome…and so were we.

The pile of dirt took shape and turned into a pond, grass grew, new lights were hung in the barn and tables were stained and painted. Trista & Nathan’s dream day was coming together and summer rolled around.

The final touches for the bid day were set but a looming storm had the bride a little disappointed. Rehearsal was held on a beautiful evening with a courtyard ceremony site and a sweet rose exchange was practiced. The photographer took several shots of the couple that night frolicking in the fields and setting sun and the tension melted away.

Trista and Nathan hosted a small group of family and friends at the Mountain Brook Inn in Bovina and had the owner Gary make some delicious side dishes to round out the Catskill Mountain BBQ menu.View More:

The next day did bring the rain everyone dreaded but the couple accepted the hand they were dealt and as Garth Brooks sings…I showed up in boots…in this case the Bride showed up in boots, pink boots! A slow start to the rain allowed for some more beautiful pictures but changed the location of the ceremony to the second floor of the barn. With some linen curtains and a metal church style window the stage was set. A beautiful ceremony led by the groom’s Aunt was followed by a passed hors d’oeuvres and bourbon tasting.

A personalized bar included beer named after the bride and groom sparked by ideas sent in on their RSVP cards that were displayed for everyone to enjoy. A delectable three station buffet dinner crafted by the Quarter Moon Café of Delhi featured smoked trout, roasted chicken, leg of lamb, local veggies & succulent salads. A beautiful naked cake and delightful sweets were staged by the Holiday Biscuit Company.

View More: NYC band played to a peppy crowed who danced the night away. Lafayette alumni posed for pictures and photo booth costumes were found on guests all over the barn as they celebrated the nuptials of this truly classy couple.  Rolling V busses carried guests away until midnight but the crew took C&C taxis home at 1:30. No one was raining on this couples parade!

Seriously this wedding was one of our best and Trista and Nathan had a dream day rain and all. Guests were raving and the bride and groom were beaming. Grace under circumstances you can’t control…Trista and Nathan snuck outside late night for one last photo and one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken on the farm. For a moment photographer Amy Little made the rain stop! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons …or as my favorite band U2 says in their song Grace….Grace makes beauty of out of ugly things!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful celebration and spirit with us Trista & Nathan.