Lucky in Love…

One day while Jay & I were sitting out back on the third floor bridge way watching our neighbor cut down a tree and enjoying the hillside view pondering our future, two people emerged around the corner of the barn. A smiling couple that took Maple Shade Farm to the next stage of our wedding business.

jandpcornMeet Julie & Pat…the sweetest couple so in love, referred by our friends from Turquoise Barn down the road, they were looking for a wedding venue. Jay and I were caught off guard but gladly offered an impromptu tour that ended with a hug from Julie! A few short days later Julie & Pat called to book the farm for their wedding.

Pat & Julie are just one of those couples you never forget…they were just so sweet, solid, and simply fun! They wanted a fresh farm wedding that had a casual but magical feel and it came together perfectly. From the save the date photo shoot very American Gothic, pitch fork and all to the “fashion shoot” of Julie in the hay field with her girls it was picture perfect.

This was the wedding that made us dive in to the business with both feet. We realized the potential of the barn and property through the eyes of a photographer; Shadow Hills Photography. The photos included here are courtesy of Shadow Hills and they captured the magic we knew was here all along._wsb_169x206_DSCN2754 - Copy

Guests enjoyed the grounds, dinner by the Quarter Moon Café and awed at the stars as the night sky wrapped around the barn.

Julie & Pat put Maple Shade Farm on the map as a wedding venue and we could not be more proud to have hosted their family and friends for their special day. Luckily they have been the type of couple we continue to get here at the farm. Fun, creative and wanting a one-of–a-kind experience. Lucky us!