Your Littlest Guest…

Whether you are having children at your wedding or thinking about it, the following thoughts and inspirations will help you make the day great for you and your littlest guests both.

So your wedding is a kiddo go…Do your homework:

Tip 1-Know the venue space and rules

Before you add a bring your plus 3, 4 or more to your invitations make sure your venue allows children and what their policies are. Food costs need to be addressed too, what does a child’s dinner cost if available and are there kid friendly options? Even if you get the go ahead to bring on kids check out the venue space indoors and out to make sure it makes sense for the ages and stages of the little guests coming. Venues with outdoor space can be a great option but realize great space can cause chaos too. Unattended kids can get hurt or cause damages. Have a plan for activities in appropriate areas.

Tip 2-Know the parents’ needs

Know the parents’ needs… different ages of kids mean parents have different needs. Look for restrooms with changing stations. Is there a place for nursing moms? Places for parents to take antsy pants to roam? A quiet place for sweet dreams or parking a stroller? How about a built in babysitter? Friends and family may have a friend who you can hire or maybe the venue has a recommendation. Once you decide to allow kids you have to make sure the one that brought them can still have a fun and enjoyable time too.

Tip 3-Know the children’s ages and interests

If you have little babies coming does your venue or rental company have highchairs? Booster seats? Toddlers and wee walkers need safe spaces to explore and larger soft toys to entertain them. A few fun pillows can do the trick and still keep your color scheme intact. Elementary age kids are thrilled with personal goody bags or cute containers filled with treasures and snackatizers! Puzzles, mustaches, coloring fun and sweet treats are always a hit to keep hands busy and bellies full. Tweens are tough to tear away from their phones so put them on photo duty…they can document the day and post it to the  insta-face-pin-vine a gram of your choice. Give them the hashtag and a list of things to capture and you will get a whole new view of your special day. Bonus the tween guest will feel important and have fun even if they don’t admit it! Teens and young adults will appreciate fancy looking non alcoholic drinks, lawn games, karaoke and snacks of course. Fan favorites a candy, sm’ore, popcorn or taco bar! Kids at heart…Bubbles party games and photo booths are always fun and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Tip 4-Know there may be some hiccups

Once you’ve done your homework know that things can be perfectly planned but just like the weather you can’t control the kids. There may be laughter and tears, spills and thrills. Embrace that child-like spirit and enjoy the energy and celebratory spirit they bring to your special day!

Our Littlest Guest photoshoot features some of MSF Vintage Designs and Rentals best ideas for fun. Snackatizers and sweets top the list so feed their need. Offer kid friendly options from beginning to end. A cupcake making station is sure to be a hit if the cupcakes last long enough to be decorated. Do-it-Yourself means fun memorable moments and keep busy hands on task.

Personalized goody bags are also a favorite of ours…from simple brown bags to new or vintage lunch boxes, containers keep treasures close at hand and fun to transport. A box of age appropriate treats and snacks make kids feel like a VIP.

Soft places to fall…making nooks for your little guests keep them comfortable and happy while enjoying the event with independence. Pillows, secret tea party spaces and vintage toys keep the party going but with a classy personalized flair that doesn’t cramp your style.

Dress it up. Costumes aren’t just for photo booths. Having some fun costume pieces on hand can make your wedding a hit. Dancing and prancing around with funny faces and cowboy hats can make everyone feel like a star.

Need ideas or help planning a kid friendly wedding day or event? Give us a call MSF Vintage Designs & Rentals. 607.746.8866  Want kid friendly photographers go with the fun spirited team of Amber & Shelley from Amber J Photography. Bonus they take great wedding shots too! 518.657.9218